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The preferred method of transportation for members of our team is the motorized scooter. When new team members come to Taiwan, they are able to secure their license and insurance for a scooter once they receive their Alien Resident Certificate. Taiwan has the most scooters per capita in the world, and is the most popular form of transportation.

An addition to scooters, many people use bicycles to travel short to medium distances in Chiayi as well. Some members of the team rely heavily on bikes as a means of transportation as the conditions to do so are ideal. Within, the city, bikes can sometimes be even faster than taking a scooter!

For trips to other cities, the train system in Taiwan is extensive and affordable. The Taiwan Railway provides access to many different places and is convenient. In addition, Taiwan also has a High Speed Rail (HSR) that runs from Taipei on the northern part of the island to Kaohsiung in the south. The entire journey takes about two hours, compared to about 5 by car.