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What Can You Get in Taiwan?

I Can Find It:

1. Christian bookstores

2. Chinese/English Bibles

3. Great assortment of envelopes, stationary, pens, notebooks, art supplies, etc.

4. ESL and EFL textbooks

5. McDonald’s, Blockbuster, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, 7-11, all types of cosmetics stores, The Body Shop, Caves Book Store, Starbucks, Wellcome (Western food stores), Carrefour (Super-Target), B&Q (Home Depot), bakeries, computer stores, Working House (Pottery Barn), Net (Gap), Far East (department stores), sporting and outdoor sports stores, etc.

6. (In the big cities only) T.G.I.F., Chili’s, Ponderosa, Warner Brothers, Dave & Buster’s, Burger King

7. Children’s English stories

8. Makeup (although some shades are a little different)

9. Personal hygiene supplies (although possibly not your preferred brand)

I Can’t Find It:

1. English devotional books

2. Tampons

3. Clothes sizes larger than women’s size 9-10 and men’s extra large are more difficult to find

4. Shoe sizes larger than women’s size 8 1/2 and men’s size 11 are also difficult to find

5. A large selection of English contemporary Christian music CD’s

6. Mountain Dew, Twizzlers, Taco Bell, American board games, …

7. A great variety of Christian Christmas and Easter items

8. Certain spices and specialty baking and cooking supplies

I Can Find It, But It’s a Little Expensive:

1. Some American magazines

2. Some specialty baking and cooking supplies

3. Bedding and nice towels