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Friday Night Bible Study

Friday Night Bible Study…

FNBS???? What is FNBS??? Friday Night Bible Study is the Team Taiwan version of TGIF. Thank God indeed that it is Friday!
Friday is the day that most of us come home and breathe a great sigh of relief – the week is finished! For Team Taiwan, it is an opportunity to serve. After school and dinner, the missionaries of Team Taiwan begin a ministry different from our daily classroom activities. FNBS is an opportunity for us to form relationships with the community outside of Concordia’s Campus. It also allows us to grow in the relationships we have with the students (young and old) who choose to spend their Friday nights at Salvation Lutheran Church.

FNBS consists of 3 parts…

1: Singing – we sing praise music which helps us to reinforce the ideas we teach during the study time.
2: Bible study – many people come to us with the desire to study English. Many junior high and high school students are allowed to come to Bible study instead of going to cram school on Friday nights because it’s a free English lesson! (How can parents say no to that?)! When we see the Spirit working - which He most certainly is - people come to learn about the Word of God.

3: Snack and Prayer Time – As all LCMS churches do… we have snack time with food and fellowship. This time allows us to learn about the people God has lead to us (in a more intimate fashion); engaging in one on one conversation. Many missionaries have found lasting friendships with the people they meet each week: Christians and non-Christians, English speakers and non-English speakers. When the food is gone, we pray in whichever language we speak. Prayer is such a fabulous gift to us. What an amazing experience it is to share this part of our faith lives with one another.
So, you ask… who can come? Everyone… well, almost everyone! There are classes for small people (ages 5-up), Junior high (12-15), Senior High (15-18), Bi-Lingual Adult (low level English speakers), and Adult High (high level English speakers).

FNBS is a great way of introducing the gospel to the people we meet – and it’s been made easy! Each missionary carries FNBS cards with directions and information. They look like business cards, they are easy to carry and they work! I have given them away while grocery shopping, at the movies, at the scooter repair shop and while buying coffee. When can you invite someone to a Bible study???? Try it and see how the Lord will work!