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On Campus Student-Fellowship

Singing 'Mighty, Mighty Savior'
On-Campus Student Fellowship aims to reach the students of Concordia Middle School who are living in the student dormitories. A typical OSF gathering features songs, a Bible lesson or topic, prayer, and some sort of activity. At the end of OSF, students can stick around and chat with each other or the American teachers. The group closes each night in prayer, making a circle and taking prayer requests from those students who have remained.

In addition, throughout the semester the students participate in special events such as game nights and movie nights. Popular game activities have included “Capture the Flag”, dodgeball, relay races, and a variety tag games.

Other highlights of OSF include the annual Christmas celebrations. First, the students have an annual Christmas party, which features Christmas songs, a reading of the Christmas story, a skit performed by the American teachers, and some sort of game.
OSF Christmas Caroling
Also during the Christmas season, the students and teachers spend one evening Christmas Caroling. Breaking up into 2 groups, the teachers and students walk to nearby homes and businesses to sing songs in celebration of the Savior’s birth. At each location a small Christmas card with a Chinese Bible Verse, telling the reason for the songs, and helping to share a Christian witness to those around them. Finally, at the end of the evening, they all gather near the teachers’ housing and sing songs and enjoy treats.

On-Campus Student Fellowship is led by the American teachers, and meets every other week on Thursday evenings from 8:30-9:15. Students who attend are mostly Junior 1 (7th grade), Junior 2 (8th grade), or Junior 3 (9th grade) students, however some high school students have been known to participate. Attendance is typically between 30-40 students, however game nights, movie nights, and Christmas activities usually draw a bigger crowd.
13-Roy (back), Toby (left), Leo (right)
Please pray for God to continue to work in the lives of the students who attend OSF. Pray that he would use the events to help students grow in knowledge of his love through Jesus Christ. Pray also for the teachers who plan, prepare, and implement the activities. Pray for God to give them the strength and discernment as they share the love of Jesus through both words and actions.