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History of CMS and CELA

Concordia Middle School (CMS)

Concordia Middle School was founded by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in 1967. Motivated by the love of the Lord and vision of Christian education, founding principal Robert Zimmer located a property in Min Hsiung and overcame many logistical challenges to establish a new school. Over the past forty years, CMS has grown under the leadership of Mr. Zimmer and three other principals, who worked hard to build up the school's programs and facilities. Today CMS is a big family composed of the junior high, the senior high and the vocational departments. There are about two thousand students in attendance.

Living abundantly and caring willingly

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding." (Proverbs 9:10) Discussing the important questions about life's origin and meaning will surely lead to life-long benefit for the students. Special courses and activities are designed to introduce students to the Christian faith. Opportunities are also provided for them to reach out to the needy and to share God's love.

English instruction as a gateway to the global community
With a view to promoting globalization and bilingual education, Concordia provides an environment in with English is not only a classroom subject but also a tool for authentic communication. Systematic teaching materials, creative classroom procedures, and varied extracurricular activities work together to widen students' opportunities for English immersion experiences.

Innovative opportunities for top students
A research and development department has been established to promote advanced educational opportunities for gifted and talented students. Enrichment programs, research groups and special interest clubs (in both sciences and humanities) inspire students' interest and change them to fulfill their potential.

Colorful extracurricular activities
Students are encouraged to take part in various extracurricular clubs to explore their talents outside of the classroom and to foster life-long learning, teamwork and leadership

Concordia English Language Academy (CELA)

Concordia English Language Academy (CELA) is an elementary after-school program started in 2000 on the campus of Concordia Middle School, in partnership with the Concordia University System in the United States. CELA is a unique program that offers children stimulating ways to learn English as a Foreign Language by focusing on three goals:

    o providing an environment where children can grow happily in the love of Jesus
    o immersing students in the language by providing a 100 percent English environment
    o providing students with a broader worldview, creating opportunities for new friendships.